5 reasons you must go to the Netherlands

If you’re looking for arguably the most beautiful destination in all of Europe, then the Netherlands aka Holland is the country that should be topping your list. It has so much to offer, and this flat as a pancake country is pretty, so very pretty. One of the best things about the Netherlands is almost everyone speaks English, so it’s very easy to navigate and find where you need to go.

So what are the best reasons to go to the Netherlands?

The first reason of course is the people. There is something very special about the Dutch that make them stand out above the rest of the world. They are friendly, they are intelligent and they are beautiful. There is more than just the people that draw you to the Netherlands however, and some of the best are here for you now:

  1. Keukenhof Water and Tulips

There is usually only a very small window of time to be able to see the tulips in full flower each year, and because they are so weather dependent, they can flower anywhere between mid – late April and the beginning of May

  1. Great beaches

The Netherlands has some of the best beaches in Europe. The beaches are broad and white and seem endless. The top 5 beaches to visit are Scheveningen, Egmond aan Zee, Egmondaan Zee, Strand Zuid, Bloemendaalaan Zee and Texel.

  1. Pleasant towns and villages

The Netherlands has a long history, and their historical towns like Middelburg, Zierikzee in Zeeland, Utrecht are amazing places to see. One of the best to visit is Giethoorn which is a village of canals, lined with boats and cottages.

  1. I AMsterdam

Amsterdam is something you really must experience while you are young. The city never sleeps and there is always something to do and to see. Anne Frank’s House, the canal belt, the nine streets shopping area, museums, galleries, and it’s extraordinarily unique night life are just some of the reasons to see Amsterdam.

  1. Windmills at Kinderdijk

The windmills at Kinderdijk are a group of 19 windmills in the province of South Holland. Most of the mills are part of the village of Kinderdijk and were built in the 1700’s to keep water out of the polder. The windmills are a phenomenal site, and really must be visited. It’s around a 40 minute drive from Rotterdam, which itself is equally as impressive.

We’ll help you get there. Just give us a call!

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