Best 3 Unique Summer Destinations in Greece

There’s no doubt that Greece is filled with some of the world’s most spectacular, and ancient, sites. Regardless of the time of year you visit, experiencing the best the country has to offer is imperative and visiting sites like the Acropolis, Parthenon and Meteora is a must. Although there are the usual sites, there are also many unique places that offer you an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world and summer is the best time to go. Here are three of the best unique summer destinations in Greece.

Lake Voiliagmeni is just a short drive from Athens and the name is derived from the word “vouliiaza”, which means submerge. Here, you’ll see an amazing lake that was formed when an underwater spring caused the collapse of a cave roof. The result is a stunning spring-fed lake that is filled to the top with healing waters (full of salt and minerals).


Milos Island is home to white volcanic landscapes surround the blue ocean. The landscape is colourful, the beaches are exotic and the history is rich. There are fishing villages where you enjoy some local delicacies, cool ocean waters which are ideal for cooling down out of the heat, and plenty of walks you can enjoy through the shaded landscapes.

Sami is a great place to visit, either for a day, or a few. The joy of this place is that that there are two natural wonders, and you can see them both in a day if you want. Drogarati Cave was discovered after an earthquake opened the entrance. The largest room is the Sala of Opetheosis, which is 900m2 and often used for concerts. Melissani Lake was formed in the same way as Lake Voiliagmeni, when an underground cave collapsed, leaving a large hole. When you visit, take advantage of the middle of the day, as the colour takes on a magical shade of blue.


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