Must See Attractions In Athens

If you’ve got a few days to spare in Athens and you have already visited all the main tourist attractions, there are a few places you really should add to your must-see list.


This is one of Athens’ busiest areas – it’s also one of the oldest. It’s packed with great bars and markets and is a great place to stop off if you need to get some souvenirs to take home with you. There are plenty of Greek handicrafts, jewellery and antiques for sale.

National Gardens

Formerly the royal gardens, the National Gardens were designed by Queen Amalia back in the early 1800s. You can enjoy a walk around the gardens, drink a coffee or enjoy some treats at the gardens’ café, and if you’re travelling with kids – they will love the playground. It’s a great place to go if you need a time-out from the crowds.

Night Clubs

Depending on the type of night out you want to experience, there are plenty of options in Athens. Exarchia is great for younger generations and is a mix of hipster and urban Athenian atmosphere. Gazi is great for super-blub lovers, while Koukaki is ideal for fancy bar hopping. Metaxourgeio and Keramikos have an all night party scene and if you’re after the best cocktails in town, head to Kolonaki.


Having been described as an “island oasis in the middle of Athens”, Anafiotika is a small neighbourhood that really takes you on a journey back in time. It was first built in the era of Otto of Greece and is filled with white washed cubic houses with flat roofs that have been built from stone. Take a walk through the area and enjoy the amazing colours.


If you truly want to experience Athens, a visit to some of the city’s best restaurants is a must. There are an abundance of choice, from dining under the roof of bougainvillea-drenched buildings, to enjoying a feast in the sunshine a-la-carte on the cobbled alleyways. Psyrri is definitely the place to go for authentic, local cuisine.

Cine Paris

If you are visiting during the summer months, you must take the time out to visit Cine Paris. Cine Paris is an open-air theatre which brings the present and the past together. Enjoy some films, while you also relish in the views of the Acropolis. It’s one of the oldest open-air cinemas in Athens and is an ideal way to enjoy the warmer nights.

Acropolis Museum


There are so many museums in Athens, you’ll never have the chance to see them all. Do your research first, and decide which ones are of most interest before you plan your trip. If we have to recommend a few, the Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Goulandris National History Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art are certainly some of the best. Visit any of these near closing time to avoid lines and crowds. And if you’re looking to experience history without too many people, try the Museum of the Ancient Agora.


When it’s shopping you want, aside from the markets we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of opportunities to stock up on local supplies and souvenirs. Ermou has plenty of well-known stores and franchises, the Central Market is full of spices and meat products, and there is a flea market in Monastiraki, just down from Ermou. Here you can get everything from old coins and records, to sandals and accessories.

Outside The City

If you want to take yourself outside the city, there is also plenty to see and do. From exploring Nafplio and Epidaurus/Epidavros, to an island cruise (Hydra Aegina Poros) or a day trip to Delphi. Exploring Sounio and the Corinth canal, or travel to Mycenae, Vouliagmeni/Glyfada, and many more. There are an abundance of tours available from Athens – just ask our team for the options and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The best thing about travelling to a new country or city, is experiencing everything it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to head off the beaten track, and spend your time exploring some of the lesser known (or lesser published) areas.


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