5 Highlights of Greece

  1. Myrtos Beach – famous for the magical colours of the water, you will want to test them out yourself. The blue and turquoise colours of the sea are a stunning contrast against the bright white of the smooth marble pebbles that line the beach. It has been voted the best beach in Greece numerous times.
  2. Samaria Gorge – a 16km canyon where walking is extremely popular as you traverse through forests of ancient cypresses and pines, and cut between vertical cliffs through the mountains to emerge at Agia Roumeli, located on the Libyan sea.
  3. Santorini – a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands which is most famous for its views, sunsets, white-washed houses and its active volcano.
  4. Spinalonga Island – an arid and barren rocky islet with an interesting past! The island has served a number of purposes, the most distinct being that it was an “island of outcasts” where lepers were kept in isolation until 1957. The island forms a natural defence “mechanism” for Elounda harbour, and in 1579 the Venetians built a mighty fortress here on the ruins of an ancient acropolis. Take a walk around and enjoy.
  5. Crete – the largest of the Greek Islands is filled with activities and natural beauty. The locals are warm and friendly and in general, its a great place to holiday.


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