Did you know: Spain

…that Spain has one of the highest degrees of liberty in the world as part of its LGBT rights?

…that the Constitutional Court of Spain is the highest judicial body with the power to determine the constitutionality of acts and statutes of the Spanish Government?

…that the Guardia de Asalto patrolled the countryside and rural areas of Spain throughout the time of the Second Spanish Republic?

…that that Cuerpo Nacional de Policía uniform was formerly brown, thus leading to their nickname of la madera/los maderos?

…that the Professional Association of Magistrates is one of three professional Spanish associations of judges and magistrates

…that the Spanish Constitution of 1978 documents the culmination of Spain to a transition of democracy?

…that one of the first major Nationalist victories in the Spanish Civil War occurred at the Battle of Badajoz (1936)?

…that that resulting effects of 2007 Iberian Peninsula earthquake were felt in Portugal and Morocco’s coastal cities?

…that Abdera was founded by the Carthaginians but became under Roman control after a period of declination.

…that the Spanish National Badminton Championships is a tournament organised Federación Española de Bádminton to crown the best badminton players in Spain?

…that Francisco Abreu won both the 1973 German Open and the 1976 Madrid Open?

…that the former mining railway which previously linked La Camocha to Veriña now operates as a La Camocha Greenway for hikers and cyclists?

…that the Canary Island Pine (pictured) cannot withstand low temperatures or hard frost?

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